Technology Portfolio Artifact

I was very excited to shift my focus from school leadership to technology education leadership this school year. This portfolio shows my best work from the Technology Praxis. It is an online portfolio using the same blogging service through which I have created my Master’s Portfolio, Word Press.

Please find the complete portfolio at the following link: Technology Portfolio Personal Reflections. A new window or tab will open on your browser. Once there, please read the Personal Reflections page for a summary of my learning from the Technology Praxis course. You may also find the other pages of interest.

Personal and Professional Growth

Before taking the Technology Praxis course, I had a limited understanding of the purpose of blogging and social networking. Specifically, I did not know how useful it could be in an educational setting. During the course, we were to post opinions and information weekly and  comment to peers on a Word Press blog. I learned so much from my peers. I learned about their lives, opinions about technology, new skills and ideas they were learning, and important resources they they found. I shared my own ideas and beliefs, my own resources, and I even debated with people. It was a very motivating experience. I found that Word Press was easy to use and I liked that it was free. Basically, I could take my classmates anywhere with me, and share my opinions at any time. When I created the Technology Portfolio, I learned even more about design elements of the site and other options for its use, such as presenting my best work from the class.

Blogging on Word Press gave me the courage to blog with my students. I trusted that they would enjoy many of the same aspects, like having access to our class at any time, sharing opinions in a written and visual format, and connecting with their peers in a different environment. Blogging also gave me the courage and motivation to branch out and join Facebook, where I am now connecting regularly with far away family and friends.

As an educational leader I recognize that this is a powerful way to build upon a democratic class culture. I value that the teacher is not the only voice or even the loudest voice on a classroom blog. I value that blogging mirrors technology practices of students at home, and that students who do not have home technology are gaining these experiences at school.

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