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“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.”

-Ursula K. LeGuin

Welcome to the portfolio of my journey through the Master of Arts Program at Sonoma State University. I have always been a hard worker, however, this program helped me to redefine what hard work means. During this two years of intensive study, I have also taught sixth grade, acted as the vice principal at my elementary school, helped to reconfigure the school from a kindergarten through sixth grade model to a third through sixth grade model, mentored a new teacher in the Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment Program, taught enrichment gifted classes after school and during the summer, and taught workshops in my district. Juggling my professional life, personal life, and life as a student has been the greatest challenge the last two years.

I started in August of 2008 in the Educational Leadership Program, working to attain my PASC I, Preliminary Administrative Services Credential. I felt very young, someone intimidated, and fairly clueless on my first day of school. My classmates all seemed to know themselves and have clear leadership paths and goals already forged. Now, at the end of this program, I feel like I know who I am as a leader, and more importantly,I know what I don’t know yet, and will gain through professional experience. I am more confident in my leadership decisions at school, which was my main goal in completing this program.

This portfolio showcases four culminating assignments or artifacts from courses throughout my two years at this university.

  • Personal Philosophy of Education Artifact
  • Curriculum Evaluation Artifact
  • Literature Review Artifact
  • Technology ePortfolio Artifact

Through these artifacts, I hope to prove that I have grown professionally and personally as a school leader and technology leader, with the help of my professors and many educational researchers.

Finally I have included  my proposal for completion of the Cognate Path of the Master of Arts Program, as well as the professional resume I am submitting during this hiring season in the hopes of becoming a principal next year.

Thank you for viewing my Masters Portfolio.


Kelly Lister

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